This Stay-at-home mom is looking to go back to work!

Summer is halfway over and it’s just crazy! With my kids starting 1st & 4th grade, I’m officially lost. With my daughter in kindergarten last year, I felt a bit like I was entering a mid-life crisis (even if I’m not yet mid-life!). I’m not needed 24/7 anymore! The day to day gets boring quickly–you can only clean the house and go shopping so often before it gets monotonous.

If anyone is looking for a freelance proofreader to help out on occasion, contact me! I’m not looking for full-time work; basically, I’m just looking for projects to keep busy, that I also enjoy doing. It doesn’t matter the type of material–essays, books, blogs–I’m open to them all. I have a BS in Mass Communications and Journalism; I have experience with both AP & Chicago styles. So, if you need some proofreading/editing, feel free to reach out!




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