It’s ok to not always be insta-worthy…

Lately, I’ve been quite frustrated with Instagram. I follow a lot of home decor/renovation accounts & with their new suggested content, it’s all I’m seeing all the time. But, I have a big problem with that. If you go by what you see on Instagram alone, everyone has these grand homes that are always clean & staged. Who actually lives like that? I love our home–we had it built in 2017, but it is nowhere near being grand. It’s normal. A normal size–though some would probably consider it on the small side–with a normal family living inside of it. I have 2 kids under 10, a husband who’s just as messy as the kids & a dog. I literally have to vacuum twice a day. I recently got a Roomba to help on the vacuuming front. I’m constantly rearranging the furniture to be more functional. I’m in the process of trying to get my husband to agree to a DIY basement finish. How do these people have the time to keep their homes spotless 24/7? My walls need to be completely repainted from the kids over the past 4 years. Our floors have scratches throughout. Our carpets upstairs have only a year or 2 left before they need to be replaced. I just don’t get it. But I do know seeing all of these posts every day is not healthy for any of us. I spend little time on Instagram–I think my phone says I average about an hour a day. That hour makes me feel terrible–like I’m constantly needing to better my life/family/home. It’s exhausting. This year, I’m going to do better. I don’t need to be perfect. My family doesn’t need to be. It’s ok to be normal & live in a normal house. Our happiness is really what counts.

x Lissa



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