Life has changed drastically since I last wrote! 2020 started out ok, then the pandemic hit. Life as we know it got flipped upside down. My kids & husband were now just always around…still are. Our social lives completely changed–all the family get-togethers stopped. My son’s ABA went completely virtual, then ended. Life was crazy, hectic, but we honestly loved it. The 4 of us were always together, hanging out, lots of free time to just be together. In addition to being at home, I became my Grandpa’s primary caretaker. As busy as things were, we were ok.

2021…now that’s been a bit different. It’s been hard adjusting to life when everything has been slowly going back to normal. My Grandpa passed in April, not from Covid, but Covid made things complicated. The man who was always there for me, who I was always there for–a second father to me–after 101 years, passed away from congestive heart failure. Covid didn’t kill him, but it played a role. Taking away his social life, his best friend passing from it…in the end, I really believed he died from a broken heart. I feel like with everything, I’m starting back at the beginning. Both my kids will be going to school this fall and it makes me extremely sad. I’m not ready for my daughter to enter kindergarten. When my son started e-learning, he was a 1st grader. Now, he’s going to be a 3rd grader! That’s a huge leap–I feel like I’m not ready for 3rd grade drama. My husband is now a permanent work from home employee, so I’ll have him to lean on, but it’s just all going to be a major change.

Sorry for the rambling…I just feel like I haven’t written anything in so long, but there’s so much to say. Not to mention, I’ve done so many projects around the house to keep busy, that I can’t wait to share. Hope everyone is doing well. Talk soon. x







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