How to be content with what you have…

This is something I struggle with on a daily basis. But, it’s complicated. I love my family completely–I wouldn’t change a thing about them. What I’m talking about is material possessions. I feel like with so much social media, all we see are things we should have, want or strive for. We should aim for a bigger house–you won’t be happy til you have a minimum of 3000 square feet… We should want new, bigger cars–after a few years, we’re suppose to upgrade… We should look different, stay in line with the trends/norms…

It’s all very frustrating & complex. Not everyone wants a giant house. Not everyone wants to constantly upgrade their cars. Not everyone wants to look like everyone else. But, all the social media around us would have us believing differently. I love our 1600 square foot house & if there comes a time when we need more, we have a full basement. My car is now almost 5 years old, but it still looks & runs great–why should I need to get a new one? And I hate makeup–in fact, I never wear it, outside of lip glosses/balms…why do people need to make me feel bad about that? Like I’m not trying?

Most days, I feel like I can stay above it all…but then I have days where I’m just plagued with feelings of…something. Not regret, not inadequacy, not sadness…just something. Our happiness shouldn’t be tied to these things, but so many people want it to be. It makes me sad when I go on social media & there are people telling us this is what we should want, need. That people feel the need to post what they want to be, rather than who/what they are now.


It’s the new year & I just turned a year older…it’s times like these that I can’t help but be more reflective. And with reflection, naturally frustration follows. :p




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