Sooooo ready for summer…

Our whole house–seriously, summer can’t come soon enough!! My son is ready for school to be over & getting him up in the mornings is getting to be more of a chore. My daughter is eagerly waiting for the beach. I’m just ready for a break from the daily grind.

We planted our flowers weeks ago now, then had, what we hope is our final freeze. I keep checking the plants, so far they still look alive! This year, I let the kids pick whatever they want. Last year & forever, really, the goal has always been to plant flowers that will keep pests away. But frankly, life is too short and hectic to constantly worry about bugs. So I let the kids go crazy & they picked flowers that will encourage all the bees to visit. I didn’t cave on peonies though–I love, them–they’re my favorite flower, but I know we would have ants all over. I have to draw a line somewhere.

My son’s ABA therapy has been going well. We’ve noticed improvements, but it’s going to be interesting in the summer. Most of the structure will be gone & the paras will start to see what we still deal with on the weekends. It’s already started a little now that the weather has gotten better. ABA is still extremely confusing for us, but we learn more & more each week that goes by.

It’s been crazy busy, with the kids, therapy everyday, work, then my Etsy shop–there’s not enough hours in a day. I’m also really, really bad at social media! How does everyone do it?? How do you stay on top of all of the accounts? If I focus on one, I lose track of the others. Everyone keeps telling me get better at Instagram for my shop, but by the time I’m done with that for the day, it’s exhausting!! There’s too much going on in life to spend so much time on my phone. *sigh* I’m only 33, but I feel really old when it comes to social media.

Hope all is well on your end.




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