Mother/Son Night…

So, Dex & I went to our first Mother/Son night tonight through his school. My goodness, it was crazy!! I seriously felt like we were at a rave for kids. There was laser robot dancers, a crazy strobe light dance floor with a dj…laser tag, a Mario Party truck, trucks & k9 dog attacks.

All I kept thinking was, what the hell is this??? I know the Father/Daughter dances are tame & sweet. Why couldn’t my son & I have a tame & sweet night? Instead, we had absolute chaos.

The whole time there I just kept thinking about how messed up gender roles are. Boys are wild, yes. But girls are wild too. That’s just how kids are. Everyone that I talked to who was there just kept saying, “They’re boys! What do you expect?” I think that’s such bs–boys can be boys & still be tame. Boys can be sweet. It doesn’t have to be chaos. My son thought we were going there to dance the night away & instead, we got craziness.

Ugh–it’s just all so frustrating. My son had fun & for me, that’s all that matters. I just wish everything wasn’t so black & white when it comes to issues like this.




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