New Year, New Plans…

It’s been months & months since I last posted anything. Lots has been going on!

We’re 3 months in to my son’s ABA therapy. It’s been a big adjustment. And every time we feel we’ve gotten used to it, one of the PARAs quit, so then we have to start all over again with a new one. Sometimes, we think we see a difference from the ABA, other times, we wonder what’s the point. Is this normal?? How many other parents of autistic or severe ADHD kiddos feel the same? Or maybe you have seen lasting results?

I’ve opened up a new Etsy shop. I really, really wanted to go back to my jewelry shop, Untitled Gems–but I still can’t hammer anything. And without hammering, I can’t run my shop. Years & years ago when I opened Untitled Gems, I also made soaps & lip balms. I sold them through my shop & did pretty well considered it was a little side passion project. Well, my new shop is now Untitled Scents! I’m making fragrance, soaps & balms. I’m excited & nervous about it! Untitled Gems was a legitimate part-time income for me for years. But to get to that point, I worked my butt off marketing, creating new listings. I only had 1 kid then though–we’ll see how much harder it is with 2!

The holidays are now over…we love the holidays in our house, but it’s a lot of work because we host EVERYTHING. My son’s 6th birthday was a few weeks ago too–half the party wasn’t able to attend due to the winter storm & rampant sickness, but Dex still had a blast. Now, I just have my sister’s baby shower to plan/throw…then we get a few months break til Piper’s birthday!

The craziness never ends. Til next time…




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