Easy fencing!

September was super busy! With all of us still getting used to Dex being in school, we’ve been a bit sluggish. But, we’re also still trying to have as much fun while the weather is nice and with the weather changing, that means I’m racing to get all the home projects that I had planned done.

So, probably one of the most important & biggest projects was fencing the yard! My kids are terrors (haha, just joking–but seriously). My 2 year old is regularly running around, away, into the street… thankfully, the street is not busy & all the neighbors are mindful about all the kids, but she still worries me!

We had gotten quotes from local companies & the big home improvement stores–all estimating about $3,000. Well, we don’t have a large yard–seriously, it’s not big. And we also weren’t sure we wanted a permanent fence. So after doing much research I came across this fence by Zippity Outdoors (Madison Fence). Now, I’m not a blogger who wants to push products. And I did not receive this product for free, get any discounts, etc. This is just me telling people about a great alternative to paying a lot of money for fencing you won’t need forever. For those who were in the same position and were searching the internet for ideas. It’s the perfect size for our kids & small dog.

All together, it took me about 10 hours to put in & I spread that out between 4 days. Putting the actual panels together took 2 hours. It was the waiting for the ground to soften that took the most time. I went to the hardware store, bought a rubber mallet, used some stakes that I had from the patio we put in and used a hammer & sledgehammer to get the stakes into the ground deep enough. My arms are still a little sore, but it was worth it!


Madison Fence



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