Opening back up my shop…

The plan is to reopen my shop this fall. I’m so conflicted though–a part of me wants to just redesign the whole shop. The other part of me just says to keep it the same. It’s been about 2 years since I went on hiatus & that’s a lot of time to fall behind. I miss making jewelry, a lot, but this time I’m going to be careful. I’m not going to overdo things, I’m not going to take on any project. I would work so hard all the time & that basically led to me being stressed 24/7 and that led to all my health problems getting significantly worse. I don’t know if you know this, but stress… it’s not great for your health. Especially when you have an autoimmune disorder. At the time, I didn’t really know about the autoimmune disorder. And because I was young, I didn’t think about long-term effects of what I was doing to myself. I’m going to do better this time around, though.

My favorite part of running my shop was the customers. I loved meeting them, hearing their stories about why they wanted that specific item… all the stories from the moms, daughters, grandmas excited about new babies. I love creating something, knowing that it’s going to be special for them & their family. With my son now in kindergarten, it’s time. I will still have my daughter with me all the time, but I can work during nap time. Plus, she’ll be starting preschool next year! For so long, my days have been all about them… it’s going to be weird having so much time for myself.

This was my most popular item–I was making at least two a day & that was when it was slow!





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