Letting our kids grow up…

My son started kindergarten today. I’m both happy for him and heartbroken, scared, etc. My husband & I met with his teacher, the school psychologist & principal yesterday to go over what the plan is for him and the evaluation for an IEP. He’s in a great school & they all seemed like they know what they’re doing, but I still worry. We know our kid, we know the ins and outs, what worries him, what makes him happy, what makes him upset–I just don’t see how his teacher will be able to handle him, in addition to 19 other kids. Anyone who’s met our son knows he’s a lot to take in. You have the crazy energy that comes with the ADHD. Then you have the awkward social cues and frustration that comes with the autism. He’s a handful, we know it. We’re just used to it.

He was so happy this morning. I watched him excitedly talk to the kids at his table, introduce himself. My husband basically had to drag me away! It’s so hard watching our kids grow up. Even more so when the kids have special needs. I don’t know how long it’s going to take until I’m ok with him being at school. I was tempted just to say let’s go home, I’ll homeschool you! I just hope this feeling doesn’t last for too many days. I want to be happy & excited for him when he tells me about his day, not fighting to keep tears in. Ugh. I’ll get there eventually.

How do other parents deal with letting their kids go?



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