Adventures in cleaning!

So, the kids have basically taken over the house. My goal is to take at least some of it back! Before we built our house, we lived in a 3 bedroom apartment–it was a decent size for an apartment & when it was just 3 of us, space wasn’t an issue so much. Our son had his room, plus a play room. When my daughter came along, for the 1st year it wasn’t an issue because she was in our room. But, like most with kids will tell you, family will start buying toys like crazy. It doesn’t matter that she wasn’t old enough to play with them. We bought our house when our daughter was around 4 months old, we just didn’t end up moving in til she was 15 months because construction took so long. So, right now, the kids have their own big rooms (filled to the brim with toys) and then toys scattered everywhere else. They’ve taken over parts of our bedroom, the dining room, living room–we’re surrounded by toys. So my goal is to organize! I love the idea of an organized home & want every part of our house to be wonderfully organized like a Pottery Barn catalogue–but who has time for that?! Well, I’m going to try…

Here’s what I’m starting with:

This is the mess that’s in our living room. Our coat/everything else closet is stacked with toys. My plan is to start one room at a time. I’ll keep you posted…




3 responses to “Adventures in cleaning!”

  1. Kim Thompsen Avatar

    Hi Lissa! I always tell my clients that the best & easiest way to start decluttering is to throw away anything that is broken or has missing pieces. You’d be surprised at how much space that gives you! Good luck on your journey.😀

    1. Lissa Avatar

      That’s great advice, thanks! Just the toys alone that meet that criteria–all the space it would save!!

      1. Kim Thompsen Avatar

        I’m sure. You’ll be amazed at how much more space you’ll have.

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