How do people just throw things away?

We finally started cleaning our basement this week. When we moved in, anything & everything that we didn’t have a place for on the main floors was tossed in the basement. Well, we want to finish it eventually, so we decided it’s time to start eliminating things. Getting rid of things, especially things that belong to my kids, is hard for me. I’m way too sentimental & I will attach sentiment to just about anything. I don’t want to & do my best not to, but I can’t help it. We have bins & bins filled with old baby clothes, baby toys…even old dog clothes from when our dog was a puppy. Everything is so tiny & cute; so much so, that I can’t imagine getting rid of these things. Part of me believes that if we got rid of this stuff, I won’t have those memories anymore either.  How do people seriously just throw things away? I’m doing my best, but how do you get rid of clothes that someone might need? Same for toys? My daughter is only 2, so even though she doesn’t want a specific toy now, she might when she’s 3 or 4. And my son remembers every toy he’s ever had. So he will regularly request a toy that’s been stored away. We aren’t planning on having any more kids, so the baby clothes can go–but it’s makes me so happy/sad when we come across them & then I remember times they wore that particular outfit… It drives my husband nuts! Ugh…seriously–how do people just toss everything & anything as they go?



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