ABA therapy…

Ok, so we’ve met with 2 ABA therapy providers in our area now & we’re on the wait list for both. One provides in-home ABA, the other doesn’t–but the one that doesn’t has a huge facility that my son had a blast at. To make the center-based one work, we’d have to pull my son out of school early. He starts kindergarten this fall–we’re both excited and terrified at the same time. It’s all day–he won’t be home til 4! Oh, how I miss when they had half-day kindergarten. I wish our district offered it as an option, but they don’t. So, for the in-home ABA, it would be from 4-7:30, 4 days a week. For the center-based, we’d have to pull him out of school at 1:30, so he could have ABA from 2-4:45, 5 days a week. It’s all so confusing, frustrating, overwhelming… I mean, this is going to change everything. And how do we keep things normal for our 2 year old daughter? How do we know which place is the right place for our son? It’s such a big decision–especially when the wait lists are so long. Ugh–I wish these were simple questions to answer.







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