Just a few questions I ask myself daily…

How do other parents deal with their kid’s temper tantrums? A lot of my son’s meltdowns happen just because he doesn’t get his way. He lectures my husband & I constantly about how we’re being bad parents because we don’t do what he says. We try not to let it get us down most days–we can take it. The part that always worries us is, why? Why does he feel this way? And how can we help him to not be so melancholic all the time? Sometimes, hugs & reassurance are all that is needed. Other days, we just have to let it play out–and after, he’s exhausted.

Overall, don’t get me wrong, we’re a happy family. Don’t read these posts & think I’m complaining. If this is the worst we have to deal with when it comes to our kids, we will consider ourselves blessed. It’s just hard–the hardest part being, just seeking out help. Everything isn’t so readily available–there are waitlists, insurance requirements, etc. We met today with a center that provides at home & center-based ABA. We’re on the waitlist now, but it could take up to 6 months. Just going over the amount of hours it will be & how much money, not only upfront, but going forward–it’s crazy. And it makes me feel even more for the families that don’t have private insurance, money, good schools available to them & the parents that aren’t able to be at home with their kids… The system is messed up.




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